About us

Today, Adrian Rusu and his team of lawyers are successful lawyers in their areas of expertise.

Basing our entire activity on firm ethical rules and principles, on team work, on a very strong basis of theoretical knowledge and on a large legal experience, we have earned a reputation as one of the most competent Romanian law firms in both litigation and legal consultancy.

By constantly providing our clients with efficient legal solutions, we have created stable and fructuous collaborations which in turn have allowed us to optimally manage any juridical difficulty.

In a world dominated by technology and informational explosion, we have succeeded in conserving in our activity traditional aspects of this profession and also in combining them with modern methods and working techniques.

Our juridical technique is based on our large practical experience and on our high theoretical exigencies. By managing a perfect balance between our constant will of improvement and our high ethical standards, we have earned our place as one of the most important law firms on the Romanian legal market.

This is why our law firm is your ideal business partner!